Episode 137: Neil Wilson

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Neil Wilson is an experienced Voice Actor based in the Baton Rouge area. His work is found on Radio like GO COUNTRY in L.A., TV Promo work such as FX Network and HBO, TV Affiliate, Commercial and more. Neil is also, possibly, the biggest football fan I know…like right up […]

New CHRISTMAS Sound Design: FestiveFuzz 2

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It’s a FestiveFuzz(2) for the rest of us!! Adam Venton and Little Monster Media have a new release out today. FestiveFuzz 2 is (obviously) a follow up to FestiveFuzz.  I wanted to get this posted right away.  I barely downloaded it and scanned the content…but it’s great (as I would […]

Episode 136: Pete Gustin

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Pete Gustin is the voice of many Radio and TV stations, Movie Trailers, national commercial campaigns and perhaps most notably, the signature voice of The Fox News Channel.  Pete also has a background in radio production starting his career at WEEI, one the more powerful stations in one the largest […]

New Sound Design: Halloweeny

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My old pal from the UK, Adam Venton, has delivered yet another great sound design package:  Halloweeny.  Great name, awesome sounds, mostly themed for the holiday (but I can hear some in use year-round). Halloweeny has plenty of dynamic elements, excellent processing, Keys and BPMs are provided where appropriate (which […]

Episode 133: Steve Taylor

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Steve Taylor has been on an impressive RISE over the last few years.  For me, I went from sort of knowing of him and hearing him some places…to befriending him and hearing him EVERYWHERE!  Based on his work with iHeart Radio Stations, TV Networks and Local TV Affiliates… and everything […]

New Sound Design: Retrograde

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Adam Venton is back again with a new package from Little Monster Media:  RETROGRADE. He gave us plenty of info (below) AND there is a special INTRO Price for 30 days of £119.99 ($150). BUT even better?  I got you a special discount rate found only on my site.  Here […]


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MY good pal Adam Venton in the UK has been producing a unique variety of Imaging SFX for years now under his Little Monster Media brand.  He’s alerted me that he’s offering a Sampler Pack for FREE right now. Well, that’s pretty much it.  FREE Sound Design FX for Radio […]

New Sound Design: Grand FX

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The fine folks at Sticky FX have dropped a new FX Library on the world. GRAND FX. More Info from the PR below.  They produce tons of libraries, cover various formats and budgets plus have some free stuff to offer!  Check em out! Link: https://www.stickyfx.com/en/products/grand-fx.html   —————- Press Release! Radio […]

Episode 131: Issa Lopez

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As a Voice Actor Issa Lopez makes it very clear that she knows who she is…and who she is NOT. This is one of the biggest factors in her growth and success.  Issa is a bilingual talent focusing on Radio Imaging, Commercial, Narration, IVR and more in both English and […]

Episode 130: Mark Peeples

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A veteran Voice Actor, Mark Peeples is heard…everywhere. Radio, TV Affiliate are the BIG ones for Mark but he also reads Promo, Trailers, Commercial, Late Night TV bits and more in his Alabama studio.  Mark started in Radio but shifted to Voiceover pretty early in his career in Atlanta.  One […]

Episode 128: Dan Mumford

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Our guest, Dan Mumford, spent a decade at RADIO 1 in the UK starting at age 25. He then had some other Radio Imaging related jobs but quickly found his place as a successful music and sound design producer/composer/engineer.  We discuss his music background, radio background and how they intersect. […]

Episode 127: Beau Weaver

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Today I bring on a Voice Actor with an enormous body of work. Beau Weaver has seen great success in TV Affiliate work, Network Promo, Syndicated TV Promo, Commercial, Narration, Trailers, Live Announce (Emmy’s and more), Animation, Radio Imaging and everything in between. Beau started in radio in the 60’s […]

Episode 126: Capital FM/Xtra 2018

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To finish off 2018 in style I decided the show would require a TEAM as opposed to ONE guest.  In fact, I welcome not just “a” team but perhaps THE team.  The 7-man Imaging Collective at CAPITAL and CAPITAL XTRA are ALL guests on the show.  We commandeered the big studio at Capital and even had multiple remote locations mixed in. I can’t begin to summarize everything we discussed but I did my best to cover most of what goes into Imaging such Epic brands like Capital and Capital Xtra plus all the network stations/affiliates.

Episode 125: Nik Smon

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I should lead with one of the big reasons I wanted Nik Smon on the show:  He uses Ableton.  Music producers, especially electronic producers, might say, “So what?”  But in the Radio Imaging world it’s rather rare to work in this DAW. (Warning – Voice talents or NOT-so-nerdy-audiophiles – we […]

Nik Smon: Show Notes

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Pictures: Audio: Links: Nik Smon’s Website Nik Smon on Soundcloud Nik Smon on Twitter Nik Smon on LinkedIn OTT Plugin Nik Mentioned <— This is the link to ALL of Xfer Record Free Plugs Tantra DS Plugins Echoboy JR – Soundtoys Iris from izotope “Disrupting the Industry” <— Speaker at Radio Days […]