Episode 134: Malcom Ryker

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I can safely say my guest is a “ROCK GUY” and that is both a compliment and true.  He would also be the first to tell you it’s what he loves and what he has done his entire career.  The thing is, he also does a ton more. Malcom Ryker is the Creative Services Director (Radio Imaging) at iHeartMedia San Diego. Malcom also serves as the “Rock Guy” iHeart’s national production team.  He voices countless stations across the US, mostly Rock and Alt, in big markets like NYC, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco etc.  He is also doing plenty of Promo Voice work on TV Networks and affiliates around the country.  We discuss all things MALCOM: Where he’s been, radio imaging, a little tech, old station stories, growing up in a military family,  house rehab (he restores old Spanish Houses) and of course… VEGAS!

*Warning: There may be a little more bad language than usual in this one (which is usually none). I don’t edit these shows or censor my guests at all, I never will. We are all adults and I am not gearing this toward children (how boring for them!). But maybe you listen in public work areas or church or at a wedding…this show may need to go in ear buds or the privacy of your bathroom …car…whatever.  Enjoy!!

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