New Sound Design: Retrograde

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Adam Venton is back again with a new package from Little Monster Media:  RETROGRADE. He gave us plenty of info (below) AND there is a special INTRO Price for 30 days of £119.99 ($150).

BUT even better?  I got you a special discount rate found only on my site.  Here are the details:

“Your readers/listeners can get an extra 10% off using the code DREANTEAM at the checkout. This 10% can be used on ANY product, not just Retrograde! Valid for 30 days, so until 28th August.”

I have Retrograde and it delivers stellar quality, sizable quantity and big value.  It definitely has a “retro” or throwback feel which should fill some holes in your arsenal but a lot of it would sound great on most contemporary formats too.  A feature I like, as I continue to produce more musical imaging (in key and on tempo), is the Drones and Stager categories are marked with Keys and Tempos. The stagers are also marked with Camelot Wheel codes (FYI). That makes the work-flow faster and easier.  A nice touch I’d like to see all libraries incorporate.

Here is everything else from LMM.  Hope you enjoy it and utilize that discount code DREANTEAM on any or all of Adam’s content!

‘Retrograde’ is an audio imaging FX arsenal for retro, throwback and classic audio production. It gives audio producers all the tools they need to create great sounding audio imaging around the 80s, 90s and 2000s for radio, TV, multimedia, and podcasts right out of the box.

Over 150 imaging FX including:

30 Breakers / 25 Impacts / 20 Stagers / 20 Combos / 20 Wipes / 20 Risers / 20 Sucks / 10 Drones

If you’re creating audio around the 80s, 90s and 2000s, you need an FX package geared towards it.

You need Retrograde.

“The idea behind Retrograde was to create an FX arsenal geared specifically towards throwback/retro/nostalgia-themed audio programming, which seems to be everywhere and very popular right now. There aren’t many FX packages that cater specifically for that style outside of the major production libraries. We wanted to create a world-class resource that all audio producers, whether it be radio, podcast, video, whatever, can use at an affordable buyout price.”Adam Venton, Little Monster Media

Retrograde is available from 00:00 GMT 29th July 2019.

Download at:

RRP: £139.99 / $175 USD – INTRO OFFER OF £119.99 ($150) FOR FIRST 30 DAYS