Episode 129: Roger Keeler 2019

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Roger Keeler is UNIQUE.  He is also immensely talented, creative, experienced, off-beat, musical, and highly SKILLED in all things audio. BUT above all else – UNIQUE. This is one of the few people I wanted to have on for a second time. When I am out in the wild talking Imaging with other pros his name comes up often.  I doubt he knows how many people look up to him.  His skills are wide ranging but he excels at one of the most important – WRITING. Listen to his work and it will be evident.

Roger handles many responsibilities for iHeart Denver for 29 (almost 30) years and counting – Production for Channel 93-3 (KTCL), KBCO, a little on The BULL, Punk Tacos and others PLUS he is the signature sound of Radio 94-9 in Fort Collins, CO (Anyone who knows me knows why that town is important to me).

Instagram: @rogerkeeler

Be sure to check out the SHOW NOTES PAGE for this one.  Roger gave us so much great audio!