Episode 133: Steve Taylor

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Steve Taylor has been on an impressive RISE over the last few years.  For me, I went from sort of knowing of him and hearing him some places…to befriending him and hearing him EVERYWHERE!  Based on his work with iHeart Radio Stations, TV Networks and Local TV Affiliates… and everything else he does… he might be one of the most “heard” voice actors working today. From a variety of National and Local radio stations/formats, to the Voice of Court TV and many other TV platforms he really is killing it. But he’s southern and humble so you wouldn’t really know it by hanging out with him. Steve is also working as Production Director for a great group of stations, US Stations, in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  We get into all of that and the various moments and jobs along the way that brought him to where he is today.

It’s also possible we talked about an ass growth…you’ll have to listen to find out more on that.  ENJOY!

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