Episode 130: Mark Peeples

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A veteran Voice Actor, Mark Peeples is heard…everywhere. Radio, TV Affiliate are the BIG ones for Mark but he also reads Promo, Trailers, Commercial, Late Night TV bits and more in his Alabama studio.  Mark started in Radio but shifted to Voiceover pretty early in his career in Atlanta.  One of his big “breaks” was for Turner and as you will hear it basically all got rolling from there.  I kick off the interview with a small sample of his work, including one of the spots from that first Turner campaign, The NBA on TNT/TBS.  Visit his Site (and yes he has a redesign in the works) to hear even more audio demos:  http://markpeeples.com/

Check out his pics, studio at the top, the brains behind the operation (his wife) mixed in there too!