Episode 136: Pete Gustin

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Pete Gustin is the voice of many Radio and TV stations, Movie Trailers, national commercial campaigns and perhaps most notably, the signature voice of The Fox News Channel.  Pete also has a background in radio production starting his career at WEEI, one the more powerful stations in one the largest American Radio Markets, Boston, Mass.  In fact, he started at WEEI and its sister stations during college and remained there for 18 years, taking short time away to work at Sirius Radio in its infancy. After interviewing Pete I can say that rarely do I run into someone with more drive and hustle in their bones…and I talk to a lot of very driven people.  Pete has stories for days and so much great advice.

If you know Pete’s FULL story, don’t worry, I certainly cover every aspect.  If you are not fully aware, then please don’t do TOO much research and just listen start to finish.  I promise – you will be greeted by a powerful surprise.

**BONUS:  Pete published his new Novel, WISHCheck it out!


Pete’s Website: https://petegustin.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/petegustin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/petegustin

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