Episode 126: Capital FM/Xtra 2018

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To finish off 2018 in style I decided the show would require a TEAM as opposed to ONE guest.  In fact, I welcome not just “a” team but perhaps THE team.  The 7-man Imaging Collective at CAPITAL and CAPITAL XTRA are ALL guests on the show.  We commandeered the big studio at Capital and even had multiple remote locations mixed in. I can’t begin to summarize everything we discussed but I did my best to cover most of what goes into Imaging such Epic brands like Capital and Capital Xtra plus all the network stations/affiliates.

Topics:  Background of each, the traits they uniquely bring to the table, day-to-day operations, dividing the work, producing sound to picture,  the various tools they use, the strategies that go into building their legendary sound and more. I also asked about SOCCER (Football) because I was hoping a fight would break out.  Almost.

The World Class crew at Capital in London includes: Ashley Bard (Head of Production), Jonathan Young, Ed Rummins, Dan Hill, Chris Longman, Sam Wickens and Luke Prior.  They are all prodigious, cool as hell and a true pleasure for me to have on the show.

BONUS!  Looking for a job? Possibly one of the best Imaging jobs on earth? It’s in there.  They are hiring!

Top: Jonathan Young, Ed Rummins, Ashley Bard, Dan Hill, Sam Wickens Bottom: Luke Prior, Chris Longman

*Ashley Bard went way above and beyond to make this happen!  I had to extend a HUGE “Thanks” to him.