Episode 137: Neil Wilson

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Neil Wilson is an experienced Voice Actor based in the Baton Rouge area. His work is found on Radio like GO COUNTRY in L.A., TV Promo work such as FX Network and HBO, TV Affiliate, Commercial and more. Neil is also, possibly, the biggest football fan I know…like right up to the edge of annoying without quite crossing over. You’ll never guess which team he is out of his mind for by going to his website or looking at the pictures below.


It’s mainly Radio, background and football for the first 30 minutes

The really pure “Voiceover” talk starts at about the 30 minute mark.

We do more “Football” talk on this show than any other show I’ve done.


Neil’s Website – https://neilwilson.com/

Neil’s Studio Build – https://neilwilson.com/how-it-all-came-together/

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