Wendy K Gray: Sidewalk Stories

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This post is JUST a BIT out of the normal content range for this site BUT I will always do what I can to support guests/friends of the podcast or anyone in our industry.  WKG (show here) aka Wendy K Gray has been working on a project for a very long time and is FINALLY promoting it to the world.  It is called Sidewalk Stories The Lemonade Landing Mat – a children’s book (series) that is REALLY creative. It was meant to be a TV pilot originally – and it still might become one  – but it morphed into a Kindle book, an analog book, a coloring book, an audiobook and more formats are coming.  There is original music and as I said above, it will be an episodic series. I think it looks great but I am a few decades outside the demographic however my better half is an Elementary School Art Teacher and she says that is is awesome so it is awesome.

Support our friend Wendy! Go get it and review it if you can!  She has put so much effort into this and it would mean so much to show her your support.

Amazon Kindle and Analog book link

Congrats to Wendy for her hard work and continuing this massive project!

Here is the official site for Sidewalk Stories – https://www.sidewalkstoriesbywendykgray.com/