Episode 121: Josh Goodman

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The transition from a successful career on-the-air in radio to independent full-time voice artist is not exactly an easy proposition and certainly not as easy as some people might expect it to be. Denver-based talent Josh Goodman is a multi-faceted voiceover artist who is LEGIT good at all the various….facets… and has navigated that radio to voice transition in a methodical, measured and fortuitous manner.  Josh Goodman: Commercial, Radio Imaging, TV Promo, In-Show Narration, eLearning, Industrial, AudioBooks and more.  And damn good (and successful) at all of it.  He is another one of my guests that you might not have heard OF (though many of you have) but you have HEARD at some point.  He gets into some of the realities of how, why, when you may decide to go “on your own” and some things to consider during the process.  Dividing up the elements of the business, managing your time, budgets, marketing, coaching, agents and a little tech are topics on this show. Enjoy!

Website – www.jgvo.com

Twitter – @jgvoiceover

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