Episode 120: Ron Tarrant

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UPDATE: I am not going to say Ron owes me $10 (I don’t think he accepted my bet) but today, June 7th 2018, Ron was able to announce he is joining the team at Reel World.  A GREAT Get for them!

The entire staff at the Producers Podcast (me) wishes him continued world domination and success.  

Ron Tarrant has been on a rapid rise in the Radio Imaging industry which has included jobs in small, large and MAMOTH markets…or “worlds.”  Canadian born, he is one of those talented producers who came down to the states to take on one of the biggest gigs in America, Imaging Director of the Howard Stern Channels at Sirius XM. Before that he was at, what was originally a dream job, KISS in Toronto.  The gig with Howard is done now (more in show) and he is venturing back to Canada for a new chapter.  I tried to guess what that entailed but for strict confidentiality reasons and possibly other felonious behaviors, he could not divulge as of this taping.  Ron is YET ANOTHER NICE CANADIAN stalling my never-ending goal of finding the NOT-NICE one.  OH, and if all this isn’t enough turns out he is one sick musician!  I admit I knew he played guitar but that’s about it – I didn’t know crap when it came it to that side of his world.  Yeah, its WAY more than that!  It was great to have him and I hope you enjoy what he brings to the table!

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