Episode 122: The Imaging House

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Kelly Doherty, K3, KellyKellyKelly is the guest…again!  Kelly has been a big player in the Radio Imaging world for a very long time and became a household name playing at highest levels at a rather young age.  She is an Imaging Voice Artist heard on some of the pinnacle radio brands across the world in a variety of formats, produced imaging, managed imaging producers, hosted amazing radio imaging panels and is generally connected to everything and everyone in the Radio Imaging ecosystem.

I am very happy to help get the word out about her BRAND NEW project – The Imaging House.  The Imaging House is tough to explain in one sentence – but I will try:  It is an online HUB for all things Radio Imaging.

We go deep into what will be found on the site during the interview but let’s just say if you are a seasoned veteran, just getting started or somewhere in between – you will find value.  Imaging Voices, Producers, Coaches, Programers, Consultants and more should make their way over July 24th, 2018!