Wendy K Gray: Show Notes

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WKG gave me plenty of material so I’ll post or link all I can!  OR just direct you back to her sites and let her bask in the traffic.

WKG Main Site with OH SO much audio and video to consume – I was going to embed a bunch of her vids here but – why?  Go there and watch then watch some more.   Of course you get full length audio of all her Reels, some featured in intro of show.  https://www.wendykgray.com/

Sidewalk Stories – I am so not in this demographic or in anyway interested in cartoons.  I never watched them as a child — BUT this looks like a professional kids show I would expect to see on a kids channel!  Am I wrong?  Seems legit to me!  https://www.sidewalkstoriesbywendykgray.com/

WKG Early Music Projects she’s letting me give you!  I converted them a lossy (small) MP3 so you can check them out on the run –  WKG ZIP of her first 2 bands/albums

BUT please support her at iTunes because she is awesome >>

WKG A Day Without on Itunes –  Bed Of Roses was featured on The NBC Miniseries “The Judge” with Chris Noth Directed by Mick Garris whom I also met at Mexicali in Studio City CA.  That place…I swear 🙂   https://itunes.apple.com/bn/album/a-day-without/id115547920
Jabberbox itunes link produced/recorded by Thomas Caffey who I talked about a little bit – https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/wendy-k-gray/id115547321