Episode 112: Mike “Sideshow” Andersen

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…OR you might know him as “Sidey.”  Mike Andersen is the Imaging Director at Triple M in Sydney and the Triple M Network. There are a million reasons why he has been the Imaging MAN there for over 20 years and hopefully you’ll hear about a few of those in this show.  I guess to put one word on his style I’d go with “Unpredictable”.  You could say he is quirky, edgy, funny, succinct, interesting and a whole bunch of other descriptors that mean you don’t know what you are going to get…ever…in the best way possible.  Mike is also a prolific Voiceover artist heard on radio (Triple M), Commercials and TV networks like Channel 7 and FX.  Mike is a Rock guy at heart but you’ll hear plenty of contemporary things going on in his sound, original writing, and even some old school, brassy, jingly stuff too.

Oh…did I mention award winning? He’s won a bunch of Radio/Broadcast awards (which I know from the internet, I didn’t bring them up in the show) but he is also the 2016 Benztown Iron Imager, the one head-to-head competition for us imagers.

And I am sorry Mike, but I had to post this picture…

That’s Mike being beaten in 2017 by Brad Leask…yep, Australian, Brad Leask. I’m ONLY posting this to backup the opinion that the best Imaging is still coming out of Australia. That’s the ONLY reason. 😉

I had a great time learning from him and I appreciate him navigating our 16-hour time difference to get together.

Now, it’s time to get to the damn show!