Episode 91: Jeff Schmidt – Alien Imaging

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jeff schmidtWow.  I use that expensive three-letter-public-college-degree-having word to start this post because Jeff DELIVERED.  First, Jeff Schmidt is a San Francisco based Imaging Producer and musician working at the station level, the national level, the service level and he is a highly skilled sound designer for radio, video, web AND Video Games. He is Alien-Imaging who I have been collaborating with here, and using the services of in my own work, for nearly 10 years.

We cover it all in this very in depth episode so I won’t go on and on in text form.  BUT when I say WOW he delivered, I mean you need to check out the SHOW NOTES PAGE HERE. We’re talking tons of audio, video, links and an overflowing warchest of tips, secrets, info and more. Find him on facebook or twitter or his site.  Enjoy this one!

3 thoughts on “Episode 91: Jeff Schmidt – Alien Imaging

  1. Hey pal, think this missed the spot really. I would have liked more on how he makes his SFX the process behind it and the thinking behind the libraries. A lot of us have been using him since 2002 so we were really looking forward to hearing more nuts and bolts stuff.

    1. It’s a challenge because I do a lot of different stuff – Imaging Major Market stations, Create Imaging FX Libraries, Compose and Perform Solo Bass music, work in Audio for Games and Visual Media. Taught Pro-Tools and Sound Design for Games for a few years. Ryan wanted to get to as much of it as possible. I also think going into the weeds on the Sound Design process is probably better suited for video – or at least a situation where you can play sounds and then talk about them. But that’s just me.

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