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AIv2BOX1-e1453259188501-300x300Let’s start with the special deal I mentioned in the intro, outro…and maybe in the interview?


As I mentioned, Jeff has always been generous to the Podcast listeners.  This time is no different.  GO SEE and HEAR what he has to offer!


Alien Imaging Video –

Some older examples of Video Game work…


SECRETS – Didn’t expect this but…as I said, Jeff is a heckuva guy!

From Jeff:

I realized I could have been more helpful with your question about “secrets” so here’s a list of some stuff for people to check out.

iPad apps – these are the ones I use most and tend to have the most fun exploring.

Sector, Stria, iDensity,iPulsaret, Dedalus, Sugar Bytes Egoist, Samplr, Borderlands


Michael Norris Spectral Bundle. A free suite of Audio Unit plug-ins that are similar to GRM TOOLS – but free. They have been essential in my work over the years. It appears his site is down – but I found another link to the plugs here.

Alchemy Soft synth by Camel Audio was a secret weapon of mine for years because it allowed me to load up all my own samples and apply various synthesis techniques to them and perform with them on the keyboard.

I paid $249 for it back in the day. Then Apple bought it and it disappeared. It re-appeared in Apple’s latest version of Logic this year. Don’t want Logic? The fully updated Alchemy Synth also comes in Apple MainStage – which you can buy for $30 – a friggin steal!

One final bit of kit – Rob Papin. Makes killer VI synths which I love – but also look into their effect plugs – I use RP-Delay and RP-Distort on TONS of stuff. Very musical effects.

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  1. Love the Jeff Schmidt interview. Incredibly talented dude.

    Oh, and you’re not bad yourself Ryan. (I’m joking people)

    Keep it up!

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