Episode 89: Dave Foxx

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dave foxx sunglassesThe first Three-Time guest on the show is (and should be) Dave Foxx.  In one of the major developments to round out 2015, Dave is now the EX-Creative Services Director for Z100 NYC. He was also involved in many other major iHeart Radio responsibilities in New York and other parts of the US.  Dave is also the signature voice for stations and brands around the Globe.  I’ve probably had this luxury too often with my show BUT he is yet another person for whom I do not need to provide background or even introduce. If you are here, you know who is and what he has accomplished. Dave has transitioned into what sounds like a primarily educational role which he does at his own desire.  Visit www.DaveFoxx.com now and in the future to learn of his new resouces, adventures and professional developments.

For now please enjoy a look back on the career of one of our legends, an analysis of our industry as it exists today and a solid moment or two of “what’s next.” I mentioned it (again) to Dave but he is the reason I started the podcast in 2008.  His innate characteristic of “paying it forward” rubbed off on me way back when and I am better for it.

Thank you, Dave, for all you have done and WILL DO!

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