Episode 119: Bob Schmidt

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Bob Schmidt is the voice of the Fox Sports Radio Network, The Dan Patrick Show, AM 570 in LA and countless other (mostly sports) stations and shows around the US.  Bob is also…yes ALSO… an extremely talented Radio Imaging Producer.  He produces AM 570 in LA, calls that his home base and has been in that role since 2004.  I will admit I just didn’t know much about Bob before I reached out.  As will become clear if you listen to the show, I pretty much ONLY knew that he did the Intros for Dan Patrick which I listen to everyday.  We talk about his world, the industry and his day to day routines.  The chat was a bit sports heavy (duh) but we didn’t get all “stats-y” or muddled down in the details like a sports talk show.  Until today I have spent almost ZERO minutes of this podcast focusing on sports imaging! Not ZERO but not NEARLY enough! I was failing that part of the industry…but no more.

Check out Voice of Bob website for a bunch of other demos and to grab info on Bob himself.