Episode 118: Scott Matthews

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After this interview, and based on our conversations away from the show, I can safely say that Scott Matthews LOVES radio and is proud to make it his primary focus.  Scott Matthews is a Radio Imaging Voice. I think I could leave it there and he would be fine with that.  But alas that is not all Scott is known for.  Yes, Scott is heard as Brand Voice on Radio Stations, in various radio formats, around the world.  It would take me too long to list them or even list the “Big” ones.  Scott is also working in TV Promo, commercial and in-show narration.  We discuss all of that in detail.  We also discuss his approach to marketing, training, servicing clients and a tiny, small amount of tech nerd stuff.  This is NOT a tech-centric episode.  I ask about the moment he knew it was time to leave his “Day job” which is something we all might deal with… now or later.


PLEASE visit the Show Notes page for this one.  I had to gush a bit on Scott’s work at 99-5 The Wolf in Dallas. My old friend Phat Matt Ganssle’s production (RIP) paired with Scott and Barry Corbin was one of the most complete epic radio-branding success’ in history. No hyperbole.  I asked Scott for some of that audio and he came through.  He also provided a bunch of studio pics and some other bonus audio.

Hope you dig this one as much as I did. I don’t NEED to say it but I will – Scott is one of the good guys and I am happy he gave me the time.

**ALERT/ATTENTION**  I did a small giveaway on this one.  I completed a new Audiobook.  I am pretty happy with this one.  The Variant by Justin M. Woodward. The author is very cool and probably in the “up and Coming” category but I think he is legit and will be big.  I’ll be doing the next in this series too!   Anywho….in the intro I announce a very simple way to win a copy on Audible if you want one.  I have FIVE to give away.  OK – thats it!  Enjoy!