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From FOXX:


His new Box Studio




The Aftermath of the Fire!
















A Note From Eric:

Now that we’re in an era in which that sort of stuff has been squeezed out of existence, it’s crucial to remember that I wouldn’t be here had it not been for my mentor, the great Joel Moss of WEBN. Joel and the PD at the time, Tom Owens (another radio visionary), took a huge chance on hiring some random musician with no radio experience whatsoever as Joel’s assistant. If not for that gig, and the time under Joel’s wing in Cincinnati, I’d probably be working at an ad agency now. So removing the hired production assistant from the equation is just one more reflection of the short-sighted mentality that permeates our industry as a whole, and is yet another reason for the watered-down state of affairs we’re facing today.

When I started in the industry back in the mid-90’s, there were loads of stations and markets where talent was highly concentrated. Piles of talented people having loads of fun making ONE radio station unique. Over time, all that talent has been diluted and spread more thinly, or squeezed out altogether. So apart from a handful of large-market behemoths (like z100), it’s hard to find any one station that feels like it’s firing on all cylinders. THAT was the satisfying part of that era for me— feeling like you were on top of your game, and able to consistently knock it out of the park as part of a fantastically focused team. I’m wondering, does anybody feel that anymore?


And ONE more time the CLASSIC Foxx pic Circa 1974!

Foxx-circa 1974


  1. Love your Podcast!!! I am hoping to get back into radio. I loved banging around in the production studio. (Just figuring it out) Hopefully not to late to the party!
    Kyle Street….

  2. clarification: When Dave mentions just saving the ‘Mixouts’, what is he referring to there? He also said something about just changing the VO, so does that mean the ‘mixout’ is the music and sound elements NOT including voice, whereas including the voice is called the mixdown, or something else?

    1. I’d have to go back and relisten to be sure BUT it sounds like you are correct already. A mixout (aka Mix-minus) would typically be a version of the production “minus” one or more layers, like the VO. So he is effectively saving “Shells” of work which he can easily adjust later. Like add new Voice or change existing voice.

      Mixdown – is one of many ways to say a file save of the full production, so yes again you are basically right. But Mixdown isn’t universal. Bounce, bounce-down, bounce-out, two-mix are other terms for the same thing

      Hope that helped.

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