RIP “Phat” Matt Ganssle

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I had to take a little time before I wrote something down about Phat Matt Ganssle. I interviewed him in the really early days of my show (I didn’t know wtf I was doing yet and I was terrible). We were “competitors” until he moved on to bigger and better. 

He was brilliant.


Episode 4 – Phat Matt Ganssle

His Wolf was one of the best sounding stations on earth – any format, any continent. I literally couldn’t do what he did.

We were friends from day one.
When I moved to Texas I had this idea of what a Texan is. Then I met Matt and I knew for sure. He was genuine and driven. He was always fully locked into what ever it was he was doing. He was a Brand Builder who could produce, write, manage, direct and LOVE every part of a radio station. 

I can’t listen to this (plus I know Ill want to go back and punch myself), but I don’t even remember it because Matt and I had so many radio conversations since and they all blend together. But some people might want to, especially since a lot of people probably didn’t know it even happened.

Episode 4 – Phat Matt Ganssle