Episode 40 – Part 3 – Crank and Shand

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Part 3 continues here with Mike and Trevor!  I stear us into a bit of Tech-speak and some advice on the future.  I start with a song from Trevor which may or may not have landed him the gig at KROQ.  I finish with some Peak/Denver stuff from Mike.


4 thoughts on “Episode 40 – Part 3 – Crank and Shand

  1. Hey Ryan! Can you please repost segment #2! It says there is “no plug in”! thanks! and thanks for this great int with 2 of my fav guys! 

  2. Hey Ryan, Great Podcast… did you ask them or know who the current VO artist is for KROQ?

    1. I think I asked them…uh….maybe not! I believe Will Morgan is still in use as the main VO but they use multiple voices throughout the prod

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