Episode 39 – Joe Kelly

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Joe has been neck deep in radio sound design from all angles for decades.  He is generous, knowledgeable and has experience that few if anyone else have in common.  As anyone who has been to my site has noticed AV Deli has been a huge supporter of this podcast for almost 2 years.  AV Deli is a great service in which I take part.  But if you are looking for a 40 minute advertisement for them then this will be a bit dissatisfying. We did talk about Joe’s thoughts on the current radio climate and his vast background.  However, Joe and I wanted this episode to focus more on what a producer or voice talent can do to prepare themselves for life after the radio station.  We discuss the ups and downs of being on your own.  We  talk about what you can expect and the unexpected of finding your niche outside the protection of a corporate station.  There are still a lot of ways a talented producer or voice talent can earn a living and Joe gives us a insight into his life experience to help plan for the future.


6 thoughts on “Episode 39 – Joe Kelly

  1. After more than 40 years in radio I have no doubt that working for Joe Kelly at WZUU in Milwaukee was one of the more interesting periods of my career.  I remember when Joe and Jerry Bryant were just getting started and have been constantly blown away by Joe’s creativity since then.  Thanks for being tenacious enough to talk him into this interview.                                                                                                            

  2. I’ve listened to The Producers since episode #1, and I gotta tell you I loved the recent Joe Kelly offering. Not only is he full of information for the aspiring voice talent and/or producer, but his sincerity rings through in everything he says. I got a little choked up towards the end when Joe spoke about the highs and lows of his career (and life).

    Ryan – keep it up! The podcast inspires me every time I listen to a new episode (or go back and listen to the old ones – just listened to the K3 episode again …)


    1. Hey Graeme…thanks for the message.  Glad to hear it!  And yes, he is genuine and the end got me a little too.

  3. WOW! I’ve always been a fan of Joe Kelly’s work, but a bigger fan after hearing this interview.

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