Episode 124: Rich Van Slyke

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“Write it down. Write down what you want. Write down your goals.”

I’ll lead off this post with those wise words provided from my guest, Rich Van Slyke. Sort of seems obvious…yet is it?  How many of us actually do that?  I do not.

On top of being a stellar Radio Imaging Voice, Rich is bringing some perspective today!  The type of perspective that comes from many years of experience , quality experience. He is an Up-State New York guy, started radio there in ’79.  He then elevated to the Production Director gig at 96-Rock in Atlanta.  Then…a wave of lay-offs (Radio wasn’t the busted ATM machine everyone knew it to be anymore.)  Since then, its been about 18 years of full-time, from-home, voiceover. Among many things he is the Radio Imaging Station voice of some pretty major stations.  Rich was surprisingly honest about his transition from inside the station to going on his own.  It can be hard for anyone to adjust and he took it  especially hard but got through it and is better for it. He was VERY candid in the interview about the whole process and is obviously doing something right.

Which is why I am going to write down a goal I’ve had sitting in the back of my mind right here, publicly…why not. I want to be the a voice of KROQ even for one day, one promo.  Many aspects of that station, it’s heritage and talent are a HUGE part of why I went into radio and more specifically radio imaging production.  It’s not an “attain this thing and retire” type goal by any means.  But I did it.  I wrote it down.  Rich said so. Hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did!

Maybe write down a goal or two of your own.


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