Episode 116: Graeme Judd

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The show’s guest, Graeme Judd, is one of the preeminent Promo Voices in the US (and Canada). I have had the luxury of speaking to some of the biggest names in more than one industry and in his, he is near the very top.  Graeme is regularly heard on CBS, E!, Fox and a multitude of other networks and platforms.  A few Graeme Judd adjectives that come to mind after our chat: Humble, Driven, Passionate and Genuine.  In the show we chat everything from his career’s genesis, music, audio production, all facets of voiceover, coaching, agents, managers (probably too much) tech/geek stuff and his VERY amazing studio.  I hope you dig it and please check out the links below.

HERE is that TMZ clip I reference.  I loved this.

Visit Graeme’s Website:  http://www.graemejudd.com/

Graeme’s AMAZING Studio:  https://wsdg.com/projects-items/graeme-judd-voiceover-studio/

Graeme on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/graemejudd