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Here are a few Links mentioned in the Brian Lee Episode…

Entertainers Secret…

Are you experiencing throat irritation? Do annoying allergies or other respiratory problems bring on those inevitable episodes of dry, sore throat and scratchy, hoarse voice? Do you spend a lot of time speaking, singing, lecturing, selling, teaching, presenting, cheering, telephoning, preaching, performing, announcing, or just talking…

If so, you’ve found the right product! Since you’re judged by your voice, you owe it to your listeners and yourself to sound and feel your very best. Don’t worry, throat relief can be found in Entertainer’s Secret.

Symetrix Airtools – He mentioned an older model (6200) but here is the link to the site and the current version

Heirs to the Symetrix legacy of industry-leading processors for broadcast, the AirTools Multiband Processor 2m and Voice Processor 2x implement a feature-rich DSP set that optimizes the sound of on-air voice talent. Latest in the long list of features that makes the Multiband Processor 2m and Voice Processor 2x easy to incorporate in any studio situation is users can now import or export specific presets without disturbing any other existing  settings.

Martin and Zigler – desk

We manufacture furniture for  professionals including but not limited to video editing desks, height adjustable edit desks,  height adjustable desks for multiple monitors, equipment racks, video production furniture, podiums, digital video production editing desks.

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  1. Here’s a (stupid?) question:
    What kind of interface is needed to connect the Symetrix 6200/2X to a DAW?  Or will the box do the AD converting, and can the Ethernet sends the converted signal directly to the DAW software, etc.?

    1.  I believe how you wrote it is how it is.  You are taking an analog signal into the box and sending it out with one of the digital outs to the daw…I believe

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