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Schermafbeelding 2014-04-28 om 19.27.05If there is one thing that typically disappoints me about most major radio related conferences/seminars it’s that there is never enough focus placed on the Imaging component of radio.  Call it Imaging, Station Sound or just Branding it is one of the three most important parts of EVERY radio station (sometimes 2 of those three are the same thing). Any format, any market, any country – the Station Image is paramount to success.  I won’t go off on a tangent about all the “whys” of the importance of Imaging (there are many) but I will say I am happy to report there is a conference being planned called The Imaging Days 2014. Here is a web link –

I was contacted about it a little while ago when it was in the planning stages and it looks to hold a ton of value for Imaging producers and directors across the globe.  The price is also commensurate with most other seminars.  As you notice from the PR below and on the site, it also gives you a GREAT reason to finally plan that trip to Amsterdam!  I will post about it a few more times in the coming weeks and months and I have a “BIG EVENT” podcast planned to get hyped up for it.  If you are going to be there drop me a note, here or on the various social spaces, and perhaps…PERHAPS…I’ll be there to met you!

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Look! Press Release: Persbericht The Imaging Days 01_ENG

International experts gather in Amsterdam The Imaging Days: THE event for radio Imaging Directors and Producers!

AMSTERDAM – The Imaging Days, the only (seminar) event in the world for Imaging Directors and Producers, will kick off its first annual event September 8th and 9th. The Imaging Awards, a new annual awards show, will conclude The Imaging Days on Tuesday September 9th, 2014.

During its two-day run about twenty international professionals will discuss all aspects of radio-imaging in their seminars in “De Nieuwe Liefde” in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Chris Hartgers (Radio 538, NL), Niels Franken (Radio 538, NL), Arjan van Lierop (Sky Radio) and Guido Sprenger (Radio Veronica, NL) will oversee some exclusive sessions during The Imaging Days.

Imaging is important

Station Director of Sky Radio, Uunco Cerfontaine, has been pretty busy the last three years with the format change of the station. A huge change, in which not only the music format was adapted, but also the imaging of Sky Radio. During his session, he talks about this process and you’ll hear how Sky Radio imaging evolve over the last 26 years. Giel Beelen (3FM, NL) and Jeroen ‘jingles’ van Inkel (Q -Music, NL) talk about their radio programma vs. imaging. Over the coming weeks more

international speakers will be announced.  The number of tickets for The Imaging Days is limited, so interested  Imaging Directors/Producers are advised to register quickly on Of course we’ve imaged great coffee, tea and a nice lunch!

Premium Partners

ReelWorld, The Radio Imaging Library and Capital of Media are the first premium partners of The Imaging Days 2014.